Ray Nagin’s Wife Files for Bankruptcy

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Ray NaginNEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Seletha Nagin, the wife of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has filed for bankruptcy.

The filing comes just one day before Nagin’s house in Texas was scheduled for a foreclosure sale.

In February Nagin was convicted on public corruption charges. He owes more than $500,000 in restitution.

Court records indicate the Nagins primarily incurred consumer debts and owe creditors anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000.

Nagin is expected to be sentenced to 15 to 20 years in prison. His sentencing is set for June 11th.

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  • Steve M. Prejean

    Poor thing. I'm sure she was totally unaware that her husband was a lying, cheating, no-good rotten, corrupt, race-baiting a-hole

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