Only in America, Do People Choose Not to Believe in Climate Change

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Global warming or climate change.  Only in politics in the United States is this even argued.  Everywhere else on planet earth, people agree with the scientific consensus that man can and does influence the planet.  More specifically that man can influence the planet in an adverse way.  I find it so strange that people, usually with a political agenda, argue with a consensus.  A consensus!  Meaning over 97% of scientists believe man is mostly responsible for global warming.

There are two things inherent to scientists and science: the rule of “follow the data” wherever they lead; and second, try to disprove what the other guy did with his data.  With these strategies, if you reach a consensus conclusion, then you are entering the territory of finding facts.  Facts are true whether you believe them or not.  These two strategies never allow a hoax to reach consensus.  Also the process of true peer review is a great filter.  Where else does your salary and worth get determined directly by the opinion of your competitors?  Lastly, scientists aren’t followers.  They’re the ultimate agnostics saying prove it!  When they agree it’s because of the data.  They agree with the data, not a political agenda.  It’s called science.  And politicians or political pundits should stop embarrassing themselves and leave the science to the scientists.