North Shore Company Celebrates 3000 Rescues!

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COVINGTON, La. (WGNO) – Wednesday afternoon, the team at Globalstar headquarters in Covington celebrated with t-shirts, snowballs, and a giant 3000 sign.

The 3,000 number indicates the company’s latest statistics for rescues.

“From what we understand, there were two dirt bikers in Colorado that were outside of cellular coverage.  One of them had an accident,” said one of Globalstars Vice Presidents, Barbee Ponder.

The company sells an emergency GPS device called Spot and operates the satellites that allow it to work.

Spot is designed for adventurers, pilots, and off-shore mariners who may find themselves outside of any cellular service are during an emergency.  But the device is also great for parents whose kids head out on a camping trip or other adventure.

Spot costs about $150 and also requires a satellite service contract that, according to company workers, begins at about $150 a year.  You can buy a Spot at stores like Bass Pro Shop, Cabella’s, and West Marine.

While Globalstar is pleased with the 3,000 mark, company workers expect it to rise quickly because the Spot device is responsible for an average of one rescue a day.