Teenager Shot in Marigny Faces New Allegations

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – A teenager at the center of controversy after being shot in the Marigny now faces new allegations in other cases.

A homeowner opened fire on 15 year old Marshall Coulter nine months ago putting him in a coma with a bullet to the head.

He survived and was then arrested Friday for breaking into a home just blocks from where he was shot.

Now the New Orleans Police Department tells WGNO, Coulter was arrested for an incident that occurred in June of 2012, accused of breaking and entering, scuffling with the homeowner and running off with a stolen gun.

Executive director at Boys Town Louisiana Dr. Dennis Dillon says it’s going to take a lot more than a bullet to the head for kids like Coulter to learn their lesson, “What we should not do is to have some knee jerk reaction. We need to find out what it takes to fix it and what it takes for all of us to work together to fix it.”

Since Coulter was recovering from his coma police didn’t formally charge the teenager for the 2012 crime until his most recent arrest.

“Has the system failed him? Or has he been part of the system?” wonders Dillon who says there are still many unknowns about this case. “We have to examine what we`re doing. What we can do better. Where we are failing kids?”