This Man Gets 3rd DWI after Dismantling Interlock Device

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Larry Paul

Larry Paul

SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) – A Slidell man is once again behind bars after he rewired his ignition, dismantled his interlock device, and drove his car while drunk, police report.

An officer arrested Larry Paul Saturday morning around 2 a.m. when the 41-year-old pulled out in front of the officer almost hitting him.

Paul’s blood alcohol level was .152g%, which is almost twice the legal limit, detective Daniel Seuzeneau said in a press release.

Paul has been arrested and charged two other times for drinking and driving, once in 2011 and once in 2012.

Part of Paul’s requirements after his DWI arrests were to have a mandated interlock device installed on his vehicle.  The system requires the driver to blow into a tube, prior to starting their car, and periodically throughout the drive, to ensure there is no alcohol in their system.

Officers were perplexed at how Paul was able to drive his vehicle considering the fact there was an interlock device installed. After taking a closer look, they discovered that Paul somehow defeated this system by dismantling the interlock device and rewired his ignition.

Paul was placed under arrest and charged with felony Third Offense D.W.I., Failure to Yield While Turning Left, Tampering with an Interlock Device, and No Insurance.