EXCLUSIVE: 15-Year-Old Victim Recounts Shooting at Teen Club

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – A 15-year-old is recovering after a shooting in Central City. Her mother is worried about her and other teenagers in the city as summer break approaches.

They spoke exclusively to WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter about their concerns and the unexpected danger.

“That was a very very scary situation,” mother Shawanne Cryer said.

She’s talking about that gut wrenching phone call from her daughter saying, “Momma I’ve been shot!”

It happened a week ago, at Club Whatever Dance School, located on N. Broad and St. Ann Street.

15-year old Anniece Deles had been dropped off at a party for teens.

“And it’s so sad, you know, that you don’t even know when your child leave out the door if they even coming back.”

17-year old Charles Gilbert died at the hospital after being shot multiple times.

Anniece was one of two teenage girls wounded in the shooting.

“If heard it first, then as everyone was running, people was running toward the back and as I went to the side, them my leg, it just hit my leg and I just fell,” Anniece Deles recounted. “It was like it was hurting, it was thumping, and it was burning; like something burning.”

At times Anniece has to walk on crutches, because the bullet is still lodged in her knee.

“The bullet in your leg could have been a bullet in your head; you know what I’m saying,” Cryer said.

She’s angry because she says the business that was operating as an unlicensed teen club did not have adequate security.

Witnesses say the two guards ran for cover when gunfire erupted.

“Whoever was in charge of this something needs to be done. Because you should have had the proper security for over 300 and something kids. It not about money all the time when someone’s child lost they life.”

She concerned because teens will soon be out of school for summer break, and there are few safe, social outlets.

She thought this would be one of them.

“I just hope and pray to god that our city comes up with some type of solution for our young kids,” Cryer said.

“I don’t want to go anywhere anymore,” Deles said. Trotter asked, “Why not? “Because next time it might be worse,” Deles replied.

Owners of Club Whatever Dance School have been cited, and the business has since closed.

Police have made no arrests in the case.