Thinking About an Electric Car? You Have Options Now

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – If you’re tired of paying high gas prices, maybe you should buy an electric car.  No, not a golf cart.  You now have much better options.

Automaker Nissan has the Leaf.  It’s a four-door, all-electric car that can get about 100 miles to a charge.  The crew at Premier Nissan in Metairie says it costs about $6 to charge a Leaf.  Do the math on that one, and you’ll find the miles are a lot more affordable when you’re running electric.

Then there’s the Tesla Model S, which is truly a game changer.  The sedan has incredible acceleration and torque.  It can pin your body to the seat as you hit the pedal.  It also has some of the most incredible electronics every put in an automobile.  The Model S can run between 200 and 300 miles on a single charge, depending upon which battery you opt to buy with the car.

Should you go electric, you may also want to keep a gasoline car as a second vehicle for one reason alone — hurricane evacuations.  No way you want to get stuck in an 8-hour drive to Baton Rouge in an electric vehicle.  Also, should you shelter at home and lose power for days or even weeks, you may find yourself without a working car.

But the charging options for drivers are improving.  Both the Leaf and Model S can locate the nearest charging stations.

Click on the video button above to find out how much each of the cars costs and to go for a virtual ride.

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  • Laird Zweizig

    I noticed you mentioned keeping a second car that is gasoline powered for emergency situations. A Chevy Volt is another great electric car, no second car needed. I have had mine for two months and I am getting over 450 mpg.

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