Eight-Year-Old Boy Killed ‘Defending’ Big Sister

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Marty Cobb

Martin “Marty” Cobb (credit: family photo)

RICHMOND, Va. (WGNO) – Warrants have been issued for a teen in Richmond, Virgina accused of killing an eight-year-old boy as he tried to defend his big sister.

According to WTVR, Martin “Marty” Cobb and his 12-year-old sister were playing on railroad tracks when a man appeared and attempted to rape the girl.

Marty intervened and was beaten to death, his aunt told the TV-station.

The original suspect description given was limited to a white male with scraggly hair. But during the course of the police investigation, that description changed to a teenage black male.

Police told WTVR, the surviving victim was “threatened and intimidated by the suspect” into initially giving inaccurate information.

The case remains under investigation and police have not yet spoken publicly about the circumstances that led to the the child’s death.