Haynes Academy Ranks One of the Highest in Its Class

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METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) – Teachers and students at Haynes Academy had cause to celebrate Thursday.

The school for advanced studies ranks at number 25 on a list of “the top 50 Best Middle Schools in the country” by TheBestSchools.org.   To receive this honor the Schools are graded on state assessment scores, academic excellence, geographical diversity, plus the other awards received throughout the school year.

Haynes Academy received the good news Thursday morning.

“I was so excited! I got on the loudspeaker, and I just told everyone. I told all of our students and teachers. Then I sent an email to our PTO so they could get the message out to parents, because this award is really for the community,’” Karla Russo Haynes Academy Principal said.

The academy’s central focus is– to actively discover, integrate, and apply knowledge in a dynamic, global, and technological environment.

“15 years from now the student may not remember the question on the test or the answer to a question the teacher asked them, but they are going to remember that the teacher wanted them to learn,” Russo said.

Haynes first opened way back in 1909!