NOLA Pets: Schatzie Has Cushing’s Disease

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METAIRIE (WGNO) – When your pet doesn’t feel well you try and figure out what’s wrong, but sometimes the symptoms don’t seem to make sense.

That’s when the experts at Southeast Veterinary Specialists in Metairie come in.

Meet Schatzie the schnauzer.

Schatzie is doing pretty well considering that he has a serious disease. It’s called Cushing’s disease.

If that sounds familiar, it is a syndrome humans can get it too. But in dogs isn’t always easy to spot.

“In many of these dogs there’s increased thirst, there’s increased hunger, and there’s a need to go out and urinate more frequently,” Dr. Steve Lemarie said.

These animals often develop a sagging belly as well. Dr. Lemarie said that’s because the disease weakening of the abdominal muscles.

Cushing’s disease causes the body to produce too much of the stress hormone, cortisol and can wreck the body’s organs.

Dr. Lemarie diagnosed Schatzie several years ago, and now Schatzie gets periodic blood tests to let the doc know if the medication to treat it is working.

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