The Future of the Clippers

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This isn’t the first time the NBA has had a problem with Clippers owner Donald Sterling.  Back in the mid 80’s, Sterling moved the Clippers up interstate 5 from San Diego to Los Angeles.  The problem with the move, the NBA did not approve it.  Sterling did it anyway.   30 years later, Sterling is at it again, this time with racially insensitive comments towards blacks.  You know, the group of people that make up most of the NBA.  Sterling, who’s girl friend is half-black, apparently doesn’t like her being seen with black men.  Apparently his buddies must have been razzing him about the fact that his girlfriend has so many black, male friends.  I guess if she had taken pictures with white men it would have been ok.

It’s hard to say that Sterling is a blatant racists.  His number one asset is an NBA franchise, with a black head coach and basically an all-black team.  He shells out 10’s of millions in salary annually to a few dozen black folks.  But blatant or not, Sterling is a racist and the NBA acted accordingly.  It’s about preserving the integrity of the league.  It’s about keeping the value of the franchises growing, not declining.  It’s about the money, for sure, and also about doing what’s right.  Will Donald Sterling be forced to sell his team?   Who knows for sure but it looks as if Sterling is going to fight.  He beat the NBA 30 years ago by moving the Clippers from San Diego to Los Angeles with out the leagues consent.  But this time it’s more than just the NBA that’s against him.