Can Camel’s Milk Help Treat Autism?

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KSAT) — The numbers are staggering: One in 68 children will be diagnosed with autism — a 30 percent increase in just the last two years.

For parents, it’s a devastating diagnosis and finding a way to treat it can be frustrating.

But could the secret to improvement lie in a liquid?

Barry and Linda Smeltzer believe the secret is in camel’s milk.

The Smeltzers have five children ages 1 to 12, and all of them are home-schooled by Linda.

Looking at the children, you probably wouldn’t notice that one is quite different from the others. Nick Smeltzer, 8, has autism. He participates in the home-schooling classes, reads at a third-grade level, and is very active and involved.

That wasn’t always the case. Linda Smeltzer said when he was 3, his eyes suddenly went blank, and her child seemed to disappear.

“It was so hard,” she said. “Your child is doing perfectly well, they are feeling great, and all of the sudden they regress! Everything is gone! All of the talking all of the walking, he started drooling at the walls, flapping, and constantly turning the light switches on and off.”

They took Nick to a specialist in Houston. They say the team of doctors diagnosed him with severe Autism, telling them he would never improve and that one day he would likely need to be institutionalized.

Nick has proven that prognosis wrong.

“Before, he couldn’t chit-chat, or even say, ‘Wipe me clean and let’s go do something.’ He had no emotions or empathy. He was blank. But today, he can do all of that. He’s in third-grade math and he’s blowing it away,” Linda said.

The Smeltzers credit much of his remarkable recovery with raw camel’s milk. They say three weeks after he started drinking it, he began to show a vast improvement.

“We researched in regards to, medically, how it could benefit him and that’s where we noticed how magical it really is as a nutritional supplement,” Barry Smeltzer said.

He said camel’s milk is filled with healing properties.

“Raw camel’s milk is loaded with nanobodies, which are smaller than our antibodies. They can actually can get to areas in the body to kill infections that our own antibodies can’t get to,” he said.

Camel’s milk isn’t cheap, though. It costs up to $15 a pint and must be purchased from a reputable farm. It is shipped frozen in pint containers, and has to be defrosted before each use.

It’s a price worth paying for the Smeltzers. Nick now reads, reacts, talks and laughs like any 8-year-old boy. They believe it’s largely due to camel’s milk.

As for the taste? They say it tastes like cow’s milk, just a touch saltier. They also say Nick loves it.

The Smeltzers now run a holistic medical practice in the Stone Oak area called Healing Provisions. They help others with behavioral issues by creating individualized treatment plans to deal with everything from autism to autoimmune diseases.

They say camel’s milk is part of an overall treatment and people should be evaluated before starting any program.

Most camel milk farms are in northern states like Missouri, Michigan, and one in Pennsylvania.

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