Common Core Flip-Flop

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John Kerry became famous while running for President in 2004 by saying “I actually did vote for the $87 BILLION before I voted against it.” He was talking about a supplemental funding bill for troops fighting the Iraq War. Kerry never recovered from the flip-flop leaving some Who-Dats to wonder if Governor Jindal will for his “I actually supported Common Core before I didn’t support it.” Jindal claims he got [r]epublican-religion after realizing that central education planning won’t work any better than the USSR’s central economic planning did. This is strange coming from a governor who supports central economic planning and tax subsidies for Hollywood movies made in his state, but I digress. The governor then concludes his USA Today op-ed with this zinger. “If we ignor[e] parents, we[‘re] making a big elitist mistake…. We can have rigorous standards without giving control to the
federal government. Parents deserve a voice in this debate.”

OK, so let me see if I have this right. If a Federal government “elitist” writes “rigorous standards” that’s bad but if a State of Louisiana “elitist” writes them that’s good because “parents deserve a voice.” Pardon me for asking, but don’t parents “deserve” to have THE voice when it comes to THEIR children’s future?

I think the principal deceit of Common Core is that it tries to force all children into a regime of learning designed to beef up scores so we can compare them with South Korea and Denmark’s kids. Shouldn’t we ask the question of what workplace options are locally available? Is there a Common Core test for film-making? Welding? Carpentry? Electrical engineering? Plumbing? The answer is a resounding no, so why does anyone push the standards? Because Common Core’s purpose is to train voters to continue believing that education comes from government so politicians can pass their next re-election exam.