Inside the Costume Department of CW’s ‘Star-Crossed’

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The CW’s new series Star-Crossed is set in 2024 and follows a group of teens in a suburban town that’s been invaded by aliens.

The ‘Atrians’ might not be from our planet but they’re easily the best dressed students in High School thanks to Costume Designer Caroline Marx.

The ‘Atrians’ dress in mostly black with some grey hues and dark patterns.

“I wanted them to be really, really fashion forward and so I didn’t want it to be too flashy, I wanted it to be more down. You won’t see things that are over-the-top, too crazy like some of the futuristic shows that you’ll see, but things that are more real and attainable,” says Marx.

“When it comes to the human clothes there’s lots of bright colors which is so wonderful and it’s all very Southern related,” says Marx who shopped in many New Orleans boutiques, including Hemline and the French Market to put together the perfect outfits. “It is the CW, we’re dealing with a fashion show basically!”

Marx and her team were challenged to not only create a high fashion wardrobe for aliens and humans, but they had to imagine what style would be like ten years from now. They used metallic embellishments, sharp angles and even battery lit EL wire to create a futuristic look that could rival any runway show you might see this year.

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