“A Haunted House 2” Stars Tour Haunted New Orleans Restaurant

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“A Haunted House 2” is the new supernatural spoof starring funny guys, Marlon Wayans and Gabriel Iglesias.

In the flick, hilarious spine-tingling, and bizarre paranormal events take place.  It’s the sequel to the popular 2013 movie, “A Haunted House”.

News with a Twist’s Kenny Lopez met the actors when they were in New Orleans and took them to the world-famous restaurant in the French Quarter, Muriel’s to see if they would get “spooked”.

According to Muriel’s web site, the story goes like this:

Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan built his dream home restoring it to the original grandeur, for his family and himself. Although Jourdan dearly adored his beautiful home, he was a man that could never quench his thirst for the thrill and excitement of gambling. In 1814 he wagered his beloved home in a poker game and crushingly lost the one thing he treasured most in life. The shock of the loss was so intense, before having to vacate the premises and hand over his beloved treasure, he tragically committed suicide on the second floor in the area that served as the slave quarters-the same area where Muriel’s Seance Lounges are situated today.

Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan is still with us today in spiritual form on the same piece of property that is now Muriel’s. His ghost doesn’t appear in human form, but instead as a glimmer of sparkly light wandering around the lounge. Our Seance Lounges on the second floor are named as such because it is believed that this is where Jourdan spends the majority of his time. Patrons and employees of Muriel’s have also witnessed objects being moved around throughout the restaurant. We believe Mr. Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan never left his true love and home in New Orleans, he continues to reside here to this day.

Although Jordan is considered to be our main resident, he’s not the only spirit amongst us. We also have a slightly mischievous ghost in our Courtyard Bar that roams the property. Three times since March of 2001, glasses have flown from behind the bar 12 feet across to the brick wall and shattered. Perhaps some servants stayed behind to take care of him and go downstairs to throw glasses to release some angst. Other possibilities include previous patrons and owners of the property during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s; or that it’s Jourdan trying to get across to the other side or desperately trying to communicate with mortals he considers to be his family.

“A Haunted House 2” opens in theaters on Friday, April 18th.

The movie also stars Jaime Pressly, Ashley Rickards, and Cedric the Entertainer.




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