Elmer’s Eggs Satisfying Millions

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With Easter only three days away those at Elmer’s candy are practically working round the clock to keep up with demand. Their chocolate candies have become a staple around here come Easter. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano gets the sweet assignment.

Come face to face with one of these and if you’re like me your will power is put to the ultimate test. Amy Wetzel says this time of year she just gives in.

“You definitely want more because it’s out and it’s special. You don’t get it all year round. The gold brick eggs, and like heavenly hash and pecan eggs, all that stuff only comes out at Easter,” says Wetzel.

Elmer’s chocolates are now on store shelves for a limited time. Sales Manager Scott Scheuermann says they’re done creating the rich candies, now it’s just time to keep up with demand.

“We make millions of eggs every year. We’re huge in this marketplace! Gold Brick Eggs, Heavenly Hash, Pecan Eggs, everybody is looking for them this time of the year,” says Scheuermann.

Sheuermann they’ve cooked up over 10-Million eggs for Easter to satisfy cravings from Houston to Mobile.

As of now he says sales have skyrocketed. So far they’re up over 10% from last year.

“And a lot of people give up chocolate for lent. I mean a lot of people that I know, a lot of people in the city, so the countdown is on to Easter Sunday so everybody is ready,” explains Scheuermann, “They’ve given that up and so they’re looking so forward to Easter Sunday and we’re glad. We’re glad to put smiles on their faces.”

Reggie Tackett with Walgreens says, “People wait all year for Elmer’s to come out with the Heavenly Hash and the Gold Brick Eggs. When we have a later Easter like this year it’s even better because what they buy early is gone by the time Easter gets here.”