Coach Inspires Kids Through Running

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A lot of runners are gearing up for the Crescent City Classic this weekend.  If you’re hitting the pavement, look out for kids running in bright yellow shirts.  They’re part of a group called “Youth Run NOLA.”  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini introduces us to the coach that’s making a difference in these kids’ lives.

“Get set, go!  Let’s hear it.  Let’s go!” says Coach Caleb Dufresne.

When you’re on a mission to condition, there’s no such word as “no,” only…

“Go!” says Coach Dufresne.

A small word with a big impact when you have a loud coach.

“I have had the longest week of testing and being quiet and level zero.  Level 1,000 nice and loud cause we’re Youth Run NOLA!” says Coach Dufresne.

Coach D, as the kids call him, heads Youth Run NOLA at Langston Hughes Academy.

“When you get certain kids together, it becomes your dream team, and those kids are my dream team,” says Dufresne.

Throughout the year, Coach D trains more than a dozen kids in the after school program.

“We care about the kids.  We care about this city and whatever it takes for them to move.  It doesn’t matter if you’re going to sprint the whole thing or just barely crawl it, we just want them moving,” says Dufresne.

They range from third grade to high school seniors.  Right now, Coach D is training the kids for the Crescent City Classic.  Don’t be surprised if they outrun you!  Coach D doesn’t go easy on his kids but it comes from a loving place.

“I’d say four out of five days, one of these kids is my moment of the day,” says Dufresne.

After all, they’ve become family.

“They’re really great at cheering each other on.  They are such a brother-sister group.  They pick on each other, they tease each other,” says Dufresne.

If you’d like to run with one of the Youth Run NOLA kids at the Crescent City Classic, they can use the encouragement!  To learn more about how you can help, visit: