Tempe Police Link DNA To Darren Sharper

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sharperProsecutors want Darren Sharper released from a California jail so the former Saint can attend bond proceedings in Arizona.

Tempe Police may have the hard evidence to make it happen.

Darren Sharper in Los Angeles can hear a Tempe Arizona detective in court describe physical evidence they say links the former NFL safety to unconsensual sex with two women.

Prosecutor- Has there been a DNA analysis done on the victims?

Det. Kevin Mace- Yes Sperm was located which was Mr. Sharpers. And in one of the shot glasses white residue was located.

Prosecutor- was this residue subsequently tested.

Det. Mace- It was tested.

Prosecutor- What were the findings?

Det. Mace- That it would contain Xyrem.

Meantime Sharper’s Virginia high school is in a debate to remove anything associated with their former star athlete.

A banner with Darren Sharper’s image remains hanging at Champions Square outside the Superdome.

As of now SMG says they have no plans to remove the Darren Sharper banner and they have no further comment.