Tax Deadline

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Tax day is here. The April 15th deadline is fast approaching. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano takes a look at your options once the deadline passes and meets with taxpayers blowing off steam.

Chris Rowland is singing for an instant break. The Hard Rock Cafe is serving up free food tonight. They’re just one of several businesses offering freebies to Americans dealing with an unwanted house guest: Uncle Sam.

“It’s a huge relief. That means I get to drink more,” exclaims Rowland.

At H&R Block it is all about business. Employees say they’ve been booked with back to back clients.

“What can I say? I’m a habitual procrastinator. Just got bust with work and a bunch of other excuses,” says Jeffery Wunder.

Wunder is looking to file an extension. It’s the only option Americans who owe the IRS money have to buy them more time without facing a penalty.

“This will give me a couple more days to put some of my paperwork together,” explains Wunder.

If you miss the deadline, but you are getting refund, you actually have another three years to file with no penalties.

H&R Block’s Jeff Willis says if you owe money and your late you will be charged a 5% penalty for each month the return is late up to 25%.

“We recommend for clients who don’t have all of their documentation together to at least file an extension, and when we do file an extension for them, we do as much as possible with the information that’s available. If the taxpayer does owe money it gives the opportunity for the taxpayer to send at least some money to the IRS, so that they would be able to avoid a late fine penalty fee,” says Willis.

You can file an extension yourself online at

Those with the post office Downtown on Loyola say there should be no excuses! They are one of a few across the country staying open until midnight offering curbside pickup to anxious, last minute taxpayers.