Chief Serpas Visibly Upset Over Repeat Offenders “Hopefully This Time They Might Be Found to Stay in Jail”

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – At a press conference detailing the arrests of two home burglars and a rapist, New Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas went off on repeat offenders.

All three arrests are linked to the spike in recent crimes in the Uptown neighborhood and all three suspects had been previously convicted of either armed robbery or robbery.

Most notably is James Johnson, 21, wanted for a home invasion, sexual assault and aggravated burglary.

Officers caught Johnson ‘in the act’ Wednesday after he just rapped and robbed a woman in her Carrollton home.  Through questioning Johnson also admitted to tying up three Tulane University students with USB cords a week ago and robbing them.

Johnson had been arrested three different times for armed robbery and is currently on probation for an attempted armed robbery until September 2014.

“Let me remind you what that means,” Serpas told reports after reading Johnson’s rap sheet.  “That means he’s been in court.  That means he’s been found guilty of a crime.  That means he has made an agreement to be a good man in our community, and yet he couldn’t!”

“Hopefully this time these dangerous repeat offenders might be found to stay in jail, to stay in prison and to not be on the streets of New Orleans to hurt families of hard working people in our communities,” he went on to say.

When a reporter asked if Serpas was angry with the justice system, he said, “we’re frustrated with at least two things, one that people continue to commit crimes. And two when they have been found guilty of a crime such as they agree under the terms of a court to probation or parole —  which means this ‘you promise not to be a bad guy and we promise to not put you in jail’.

“Time after time again — this city in particular — these people who promise to be good in lieu of not going to jail lie! They go back out into this community and they continue to hurt people and our officers have to go out and chase them down, again, and again and again.  We as a criminal justice system have to work together to stop that from happening. “

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  • pat

    Judges have no accountability. New Orleans judges don't go to work on a regular basis. The courts are a joke, Perfect example of revolving doors.

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