The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be

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Is there any better city in the world to host just about any event than New Orleans?  If there is, I don’t know of it.  New Orleans is a special events city.  We simply do it better than anyone.  I can’t even think of which city even comes close.  New Orleans has it all.  Subtropical weather.  30,000 top notch hotel rooms all within walking distance of each other.  World class restaurants.  A European village known as the French Quarter.  Friendly natives that are happy you are here.  And a laid back attitude that makes any event magical.

We truly know how to throw a party.  Just ask the WrestleMania folks.  They packed the Superdome last night and already are talking about coming back for more.  The WWE is thinking New Orleans might be the perfect venue for their mega event and are discussing bringing it back again.  The NFL’s Superbowl decision makers love out city.  The NBA all-star game loves coming to New Orleans.  NCAA football and basketball national championships love our city too.  New Orleans is the event and party capital of the world.  Because we simply do it better than anyone else anywhere.  Up next: French Quarter Fest.  Enjoy! Everyone else is.  Because there is no better city in the world to host just about any event than New Orleans.