Shattered Sunroof Startles Local Driver “It Was Crazy, Like a Bomb Went Off”

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sunroof NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Drivers across the country are reporting an explosion, followed by a glass shower from their  sunroof.

It happened without warning to several vehicle owners in New Orleans.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke to a recent victim about his scare.

“It was crazy, like a bomb went off; it was incredible,” driver Vico Marziale said.

Vico Marziale is calm now, but he wasn’t Saturday during what he thought was a close call.

He and a friend were riding along I-10 eastbound when they heard a loud explosion overhead; then they were peppered with shattered glass his sunroof.


His friend thought he might have been shot. “He’s a little more dramatic than I am,” Marziale commented.

Trotter asked, “Do you think it was a rock?”

“No honestly, I don’t think it’s a rock. I mean, I think the thing just basically just burst above our heads,” Marziale said.

We ran the scenario past some auto glass experts. The crew at Service Plus Auto Glass on W. Napoleon Avenue in Metairie says it’s rare but it happens.

“I have quite a few people come in and say they were on the road by themselves and say the sunroof just blew up,” Service Plus owner Steve Klein said.

A search on the internet turns up several reports of shattered sunroofs across the country.

None offered a solid explanation, aside from possible road debris propelled at a high rate of speed from other vehicles traveling on the interstate.

The mystery comes when there are no other vehicles on the road.

“I’ve had people say they’re on highway 55 in the middle of the night by themselves and all of a sudden poof the glass breaks,” Klein said. Trotter asked, “How do you explain that? I don’t know,” Klein replied.

Marziale’s window is scheduled to be repaired. But he has another possible solution.

“I may not bring another car with a sunroof now, I don’t know.”

We want to be sure to point out that this report is in no way suggesting any kind of manufacturing defect.

Reports of shattered auto glass across the country include variety of makes and models.