’50 to 1′: Unbelievable Story of Victorious Kentucky Derby Race Horse

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The cast and crew of the new film, “50 to 1” is traveling the country by tour bus to talk about their movie, which is about a famous Kentucky Derby race horse.

“50 to 1” is based on the true story of a race horse from New Mexico named, “Mine that Bird”, which beat the odds and won the Kentucky Derby, five years ago.

“I saw a race that just blew me away.  You look at the 2009 race and this horse wasn’t even on the TV screen.  “Mine that Bird” passed 18 horses, just nothing I’ve ever seen before”, Jim Wilson, Director, said.

Jim Wilson’s produced many hit movies including, “The Bodyguard” and the Oscar-winning, “Dances with Wolves”.  He’s betting on “50 to 1”.

“I’ve been waiting 20 years for a great story,”  he said.

When you have a great story like this one, Writer, Faith Conroy said it’s easy getting it to the big screen.

“It was a total labor of love.  We felt so comfortable with these guys and their story.  We got to know the real guys, and know the real “Mine that Bird” horse.  The movie kind of wrote itself,”  Conroy said.

The cast got to spend time with the real cowboys who the movie is based.  The actors got a real sense of who they are.

Christian Kane plays Mark Allen the horse’s owner.

“He called me after seeing the film and told me he absolutely loved it, loved my performance.  I got two thumbs up from him, and that’s really what I needed,”  Kane said.

Madeline Deutch plays the only fictional character in the film.   She held her own with the tequila-drinking cowboys.

“I was tatted up, had fake plugs, nose rings.  Girls always want opportunities to play those parts because they don’t come around as often,”  Deutch said.

Rounding out the cast is Hugo Perez who plays the horse grommer.

“I was a little intimidated that I was going to be stomped by a big horse.  I’d be a fantastic jockey myself.  I’m only 5 foot 3 inches.  All I’d have to do is shed a few pounds,”  Perez said.

The cast and crew of “50 to 1” is doing something most movies don’t.  They’ve hit the road on a tour bus, traveling the actual trail that “Mine that Bird” went on to get to that epic 2009 victorious Kentucky Derby.

The movie was shot in New Mexico and at the Churchill Downs where the Kentucky Derby is held.

“50 to 1” opens in theaters on April 4th.


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