The Governor & Common Core

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Governor Bobby Jindal has done a pretty good job as governor of the state.  Quality jobs are available for the first time in decades.  The perception nationwide, and even world wide,  is that Louisiana is truly open for business.  Stephen Moret, Jindal’s head of Economic Development has done a fine job of luring in new businesses and changing the economic environment in Louisiana.  But Jindal remains as flaky as a bag potato chips.

Bobby Jindal is scared to stand up for what’s right, like Common Core.  Jindal’s Superintendent of Education, John White, is very much for Common Core but Jindal is now officially against it.  Earlier this week Jindal backed not one, but two bills that would have eliminated Common Core in the state.  Thank goodness both the measures failed.  90% of America is behind Common Core including Louisiana since 2010.  Now because its become a hot bottom issue amongst the extreme in Jindal’s own party, he’s all of a sudden against something he was clearly for.  Jindal is crawfishin’ as usual on a very important issue in our state.  What’s new?

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