Inconceivable! Imperial Congress Guarantees Reliable Dreams, Independence Looms

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The job assignments for members of the Imperial Congress just keep expanding. In Michigan yesterday, President Obama spiked the football in the ObamaCare end-zone proclaiming that the Feds job is now to “…make sure our fellow citizens can also pursue their dreams”. Gee, I wonder what part of the Federal Constitution covers the guarantee of affordable dream-catchers? At about the same time Obama was promising free dreams, New Orleans Congressman Cedric Richmond was droning on about another Congressional “…responsibility to ensure every citizen has access to reliable health insurance at a reasonable cost.” So now the ObamaCare mandate has expanded to include adjectives like “reliable” and “reasonable”. Inquiring minds might want to ask Imperial Minister Richmond to define those words. I can just hear the Sicilian from The Princess Bride movie yelling “reliable” and “reasonable” at town-hall meetings now. Unfortunately for us though, there’s no Inigo Montoya to protest that “I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean.”

Meanwhile in Who Dat City, Imperial Congressman & Senator’s Scalise & Vitter demanded to know how “reliable” Obama’s estimates of 93,000 Louisiana enrollees in ObamaCare are? How many were enrolled because they were kicked off of their formerly “reasonable” plans? These are fair questions but they miss the mark of protest and instead enhance the ring of defeat. We’re now arguing over the ObamaCare rollout’s degree of success. That and some creole mustard won’t even get you a ham sandwich at the Liberty Lunch Counter. In other words, Scalise & Vitter know that ObamaCare is as grafted onto the EBT cards of Americans as the rest of the welfare state, game over.

Richmond and Obama want to guarantee “reliable” dreams financed by the realized dreams of the productive. That my friends is a nightmare our forefathers would have declared as reason to re-declare independence; unfortunately that’s a word we’re told is “inconceivable!”