North Shore Business Develops Technology To Track Flights Second-by-Second

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A North Shore business is developing technology that would have told us exactly what happened to that missing Malaysia Airlines flight, not three weeks later, but moments later. Their technology tracks flights every second anywhere in the world. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano explains.

It’s been an exhausting search, and now ABC News is learning Malaysian authorities admit this mystery may never be solved.

“Your heart goes out to all those people whose families are somewhere and they can’t find. I’m sure that’s awful, just awful. From our perspective, we think about it as an avoidable situation,” says CEO of Globalstar Jay Monroe.

Globalstar is a satellite, voice and data company headquartered in Covington. Since 2009 Monroe says they’ve been developing technology that tracks flights, every second, anywhere in the world.

“ADS-B technology is a technology to follow aircraft by transmitting a signal off of the belly of the aircraft by antenna on the ground,” explains Monroe, “What we do is we take the signal that would go down to the ground and we also transmit it off of an antenna about the size of an iPhone on the top of the airplane, and it goes to a satellite which can always be seen.”

Monroe says with the combination of both ADS-B technology and Satellite Augmented ADS-B you are constantly being watched whether over land, or water. It’s technology Monroe believes would have led to instant answers regarding Malaysia Flight 370.

“When the flight went up or down, and moved a few feet one direction or another you would know that. When it turned, if in fact it turned, we would know that. When it stopped communicating we would know that that’s probably where the accident occurred,” says Monroe.

This new technology will be FAA mandated by the year 2020, and Monroe says it should operate automatically so no one can shut it off.