Edwin Edwards in Denial

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Edwin Edwards is in denial.  Or Edwin Edwards believes his own nonsense.  After a nearly hour long interview on my radio show yesterday, Edwards still claims his innocence.  Amazing.  The 4 time indicted ex-governor still clings to the notion that others were out to get him.  And friends turned on him to get out of their own trouble.  Poor Edwin Edwards.  If you listen to his logic he’s a great governor who the Feds were infatuated with and were hell bent on getting behind bars.

The Edwards story would be a moot point right now if it weren’t for his ego-driven attempt to run for congress.  If the ex-gov would simply do us all a favor and just go away, this wouldn’t be a discussion.  But Edwards, the narcissist, can’t just go away.  He says he’s running again because he feels he can help the people in this state.  When did Edwards help anyone but himself, family, and friends?  Edwards will find out the hard way when he loses just his 2nd election in over 20 tries.  Not a bad record for a convicted felon who’s either in denial or believes his own lies.

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