‘Transformation Village’ to Revamp Jazzland Site

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EAST NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Since hurricane Katrina, the old Jazzland site has sat vacant and abandoned.  But new life could soon be pumped back in with a long-term proposal to rebrand and revamp the area.

The proposed name for the project is Transformation Village.

In addition to re-establishing the Theme Park  at the existing site, they are proposing the addition of a Water Park to be called Atlantis, a Movie Back Lot, a Jazzland Resort Hotel,  a Hospitality School, a Resource Center, a lifesize reproduction of Noah’s Ark and a International Shopping Center.

A release says “the project is a multi-year Vision with a Team of professionals including  Eric McQuiston, of Eric R. McQuiston, LLC, Craig Dennis and Frank Scurlock, of Scurlock Development Group, LLC.”

Scurlock is the founder and owner of Space Walk and Inflatable Zoo and been involved in Themed entertainment for more than 40 years with extensive World travels.

Initial investment in the first phase of the project is $100 million dollars and over 2,000 jobs are expected to be created.

The long term investment is several billion dollars over 15 years with possible employment of over 10,000 jobs in East New Orleans.