Soggy Sinkhole Swallows Sentra

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An Uptown sinkhole opens-up and swallows a parked Nissan Sentra trapping the car for hours.

A road builder himself, Bobby Peters returns to the 5600 block of Pitt St. where a good part of the day was spent getting his car out of a sinkhole.

“Looked like nothing even happed,” says Peters standing over the filled up hole. “It was in this area because it’s kind of soft.”

The street appeared solid when Peters pulled his vehicle over towards the curb Monday morning, “I couldn’t believe it. My car didn’t want to move. It was just stuck in the ground.”

Bewildered, Peters says he feared the unknown, still in the driver’s seat, the earth sinking below, “I got scared because I thought maybe my whole car was about to fall in to the ground.”

Then hassle ensued.

“I waited for almost three hours,” he says while examining cosmetic damage to his car. “My bumper, see. All that scraped up. Drilling crew came out and pulled me out, and then I had to get a jump.”

Peters says when you and your car get sucked down an Uptown sinkhole, perspective becomes more clear, “They see the glitz and glamour around the French Quarter and Superdome. You get in the heart of the city and this is a landmark neighborhood. All this is a landmark. Just wanted to get the word out.”

WGNO’s calls to the Sewerage and Water Board were not returned.

Meantime Peters says he’s looking for an attorney.