Countdown To Super Sunday Uptown

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Mardi Gras Indian

After repeated weather-related delays Super Sunday Uptown has been given a green light.

It’s good news for Mardi Gras Indians who’ve been fine tuning their costumes.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter gives us a sneak peak at what one Chief will wear.

“Yeah man, this is my love, man I’ve been doing this all my life,” Chief David Peters-Montana. “I born to this. I born to New Orleans for this.”

61-year old David Peters-Montana is excited to say the least about this weekend’s Super Sunday

Parade in Uptown.

It’s a chance for Mardi Gras Indians to sing, dance, and chant as they pay homage to Native Americans who harbored runaway slaves.

The cultural event has twice been postponed this month. Bad weather threatened to ruin costumes.

“Well because it’s made of glue and cardboard and the element is really not good it’s not going to hurt the feathers cuz feathers are water proof.”

Every spring dozens and dozens of Indians proudly display costumes they’ve worked on for months.

This year Chief Peters-Montana’s labor of love is inspired by pink flamingos.

“I love the color.”

He says a cold-wet Mardi Gras kept the majority of Indians from marching on Fat Tuesday. The combined delays will only make Super Sunday better.

“You’re supposed to be out there on Mardi Gras, that’s the day and when you miss Mardi Gras day that’s a terrible thing for a guy that’s sewn all year. “But god smiled on us this year. “The rain came so a lot of people didn’t really finish on time, that gave them time to finish.”

It gave him time to fine tune.

“In order to mask, you gotta sew, and when you think you’re finished you gotta sew some more.”

The benefit to spectators is a chance to see more Indians and more elaborate costumes.

And this Chief can’t wait to be part of it.

“If I’ve sewn all this year, I want everybody and they momma to see me in this suit on super Sunday.”

Super Sunday Uptown starts at one o’clock, Sunday, March 30, 2014 near Washington Avenue and LaSalle Street.