Family’s Pit Bull Mauls and Kills 4 Year Old Girl in Houma

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Funeral services are set for Friday for a four-year old girl mauled by her family’s pit bull.

Meanwhile Houma police are investigating the circumstances of the attack at the Houma Highlands apartment complex.

“This was their pet,” says Chief Todd Duplantis. “It’s unknown why the dog attacked the child.”

“When I heard about it, I was like, wow, that can’t be,” says apartment worker Mathew Boudreaux.

Boudreaux remembers all too well which unit the pit bull was in that mauled to death four year old Mia Derouen, “Every time I walked by the place, the dog would bark at me.”

Duplantis says once police got on scene, the mother had barricaded Mia and herself inside bedroom, “The mother was able to fight the pit bull off of the child and in doing so she was injured herself. She was able to hand the child through the bedroom window to medical personnel.”

By then it was too late. Police say the majority of trauma was to Mia’s head.

“The 4-year-old child died from injuries sustained,” says Duplantis.

But he says the out of control pit bull named Niko remained inside, “Which was walking around the living room in a vicious manner. The officers utilized their service weapons.”

Niko was shot three times before police even got through the door.

Once inside an additional ten rounds was needed to stop the pit bull attack once and for all.

A second pit bull named Khloe was discovered inside the apartment then handed over to animal control.

“No signs of any type of abuse to the dogs,” says Duplantis.

By deadline Wednesday, an online fund raiser to help with funeral expenses has “exceeded” their $25,000 goal by $2,000.

The mother has since been released from the hospital.