Milwaukee Man Arrested for 5th DUI [Best Mug Shot]

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. — A Milwaukee man arrested for his fifth drunk driving offense takes one of the best mug shots of the year.

Police cuffed 45-year-old Mark Strong Tuesday night following a hit-and-run crash, WITI reports.

Strong allegedly sideswiped a car on I-43 near Holt Avenue before exiting the freeway.  Deputies stopped him a short time later.

According to police, Strong had an open can of beer in the cup holder and tested .12 on the PBT.

Strong’s four prior convictions were in June 2001, July 2001, December 2002, and May 2011.

He faces charges of DUI-5th, operating with prohibited alcohol concentration-5th, operating after revocation and felony duty upon striking occupied vehicle.

If convicted of these charges, Strong faces up to eight years in prison.


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  • Esco

    Looks like those teeth are hanging by a thread. They'd probably stick in the wall if he sneezed hard enough. Take care of yourself everyone, it's important.

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