Thousands of Dollars Raised Online for Girl Killed by Family Dog

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HOUMA, La. (WGNO) – Less than 24 hours after a four-year old girl was viciously attacked by one of two family pit bulls, thousands of dollars have been raised to cover her funeral and some.

A goal of $15,000 was originally posted to the crowdfunding site,, after news broke that a little girl from Houma was attack and held hostage in a bedroom by a dog she knew.

The gofundme post says, “This unimaginable tragedy has effected the lives of so many people, the only thing we can do at this time is offer prayers, bear our shoulders to lean on, and give forward to help alleviate the costly expenses of this unexpected tragedy. Please keep the families of this beautiful angel in your prayers, and thank you for your gracious support.”

The goal is now $25,000 and as of 10 p.m. more than $27,000 was raised for Mia DeRouen and her mom.

Mia Derouen

Police were called to the Houma Highland apartments on South Hollywood Road Tuesday around 7 p.m.

“Upon arrival officers learned that a large pit bull had attacked a female child inside an apartment and when the mother fought the dog off her child the dog attacked her,” Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis said in a statement.

Once free from the dog, Mia’s mom, 27-year-old Megan Touchet, barricaded Mia and herself inside a bedroom.

Mia suffered facial and head injuries from the attack. She later died at Terrebonne General Medical Center.

Touchet received moderate injuries and was released from the hospital Wednesday afternoon.

Because of the nature of the attack officers had to use lethal force to subdue the pit bull.

Touchet owned a second pit bull, a 6 month old girl. She was not injured in the attack and is being held at the Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter for further observation.


  • DaddySNATCH

    i feel extremely sorry for the little girl. she didn't have a chance to live because of the negligence of her parents to allow a deadly animal to stay in their household. the parents should be charged with negligent homicide or manslaughter, as they could have saved their child by removing the vicious killing machines from the home. kill all pitbulls before it is too late and another child is needlessly murdered.

    • Ronnie

      First off, you're stereotypical comment it horrifying. Pits are normally very sweet and loving animals. I have had several. I have many many friends who have Pits as part of their family and have never had a problem like this. First, they need to find out what happened with the dog. If the dog is loved and treated as part of the family, they don't behave like this. It also could be, the dog got sick with something. There are a couple of K-9 diseases out there that can alter a dog's brain chemistry and make them go crazy. They also need to look into how the dog was raised and treated. If abused, of course the dog will retaliate at some point.

  • Fed Up

    Agree Tammy. I did rescue for many years, and still have debt from it. Still run a special needs dog sanctuary and getting donations is like pulling teeth. While I feel for that precious little girl, her idiot parents had two unaltered pit bulls, and no doubt intended to breed them. Due to their greed and stupidity, a little girl suffered horribly and died. Now money is being thrown their way and it is too late to help the little girl. How about people giving to those who aren't acting despicably, and who have sacrificed greatly to make the world a better place? When I had a gofundme account to save a life, $25 was donated by a good friend. That was all. Sorry, but tired of seeing people being financially rewarded for being narcissists.

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