Fleurty Girl is Flirting with Beignets!

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The lady who has made a name for herself selling New Orleans themed T-shirts is thinking about taking over Morning Call‘s Metairie location. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano has the details.

Five years ago Lauren Thom had a vision. She wanted to create and sell T-shirts that celebrate New Orleans. Using a couple grand from her tax return, the single mom of three launched Fleurty Girl, the online store, and just six months later she opened her first shop.

Fast forward to today Fleurty Girl has five locations and now Fleurty Girl is even flirting with beignets.

“I’m just thinking about doing something with the Morning Call space. I mean, as soon as I heard that they were going to be leaving I was like, ‘No. There’s no way. I want it.’ I want to do something. It’s just got to stay beignets and coffee like it has been forever,” says Thom.

Morning Call opened in Metairie in 1974. As neighboring tenants come and go they’ve been a staple there, yet employees say their existing lease is expiring and rent is going up. Morning Call is set to move out by the end of May.

As for Fleurty Girl’s vision, “Maybe put in some plush seating and some free Wi-Fi, and maybe sell some cool T-shirts in there.”

Residents have mixed reviews.

New Orleans resident Jamie Salassi says, “I just think this has had a reputation for years and years, and people would be doubtful about another beignet.”

Morning Call’s Mark Capretto says, “She seems to be doing pretty good down there. I don’t know how well or if at all she has done anything in the restaurant kind of business.”

Thom says, “It’s totally one thing from the other, and it’s completely overwhelming because I don’t know anything about the food industry, or opening a restaurant or coffee shop, but you know five years ago I didn’t know anything about printing a T-shirt.”


  • AhContraire

    The problem with Morning Call and Cafe du Monde is the PRICE of the BEIGNETS are TOO LOW.

    The price of the beignets should be DOUBLE to match what other coffee shops charge for their muffins and pastries. Other coffee shops charge 3 dollars for a small muffin and way way more for coffee.

    The floor of the coffee shop and the interior cause the place to be TOO LOUD where people and business professionals can't hear each other.

    Morning Call needs to have new blood, new ideas just like it had when it was founded 140 years ago. The formula today isn't working and the current generation just doesn't understand what it took the founder to create a success in the first place.

  • AhContraire

    And the level of cleanliness needs to be like Starbucks or like it was back 140 years ago.
    The founder would have been appalled at the dirty dingy atmosphere, fixtures, furniture, chairs, kitchen and even the video poker area.

    When ever you see a video poker machine in a restaurant, you know the owners aren't making a lot of money filling tables as the tables should be filled and there should be no room for a video poker area.

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