UPDATE: Family Dog Kills 4-Year-old Girl in Houma

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Updated @ 4:00 p.m.

HOUMA, La. (WGNO) –The girl’s mother, Megan Touchet was released from the hospital today.

More details are coming out about the pit bull who attacked the 4-year-old girl.  Authorities say it was a 2-year-old male named Niko.  He weighed 130 pounds and appeared to be in  good health, according to animal control officials.

A 6 month old female pit bull name Khloe was also taken from the apartment.  She was not injured in the attack, but is being held at the Terrebonne Parish Animal Shelter for further observation.


HOUMA, La. (WGNO) – A four year old girl is dead and her mother injured after their pet pit bull turned on them, according to Houma Police Chief Todd Duplantis.

Officers were called to the Houma Highland apartments on South Hollywood Road Tuesday evening because of a disturbance.

“Upon arrival officers learned that a large pit bull had attacked a female child inside an apartment and when the mother fought the dog off her child the dog attacked her,” Duplantis said in a statement.

The mother, Megan Touchet, 27, was able to get away from the pit bull and barricade her daughter and herself in a bedroom where she screamed for help.

The four year old girl has been identified as Mia Derouen.  She suffered facial and head injures from the attack and was transported to Terrebonne General Medical Center where she later died.

Touchet also received moderate injures when she fought the dog off her child.

Officer used lethal force to subdue the pit bull, they say was acting in a “very vicious manner.”

Animal control officers said a second pit bull was also removed from the apartment, but was not injured.

The investigation is continuing and further information will be released.


    • TallerThinner

      About 15-20 people are killed each year by dogs – and not always pit bulls.

      Children should never be left with a dog without close supervision, and I'll bet neither of these dogs – apparently a male and female – were spayed/neutered. The most likely dog to attack (not merely bite) is a whole male, according to those who have done real research into dog attacks (not the fearmonger/lawsuit sites).

  • brian

    I am a pitbull owner and let me say, my dog is the nicest prettiest dog ever! Who cares if some pitbull killed a random child? IT was the kid's fault for being close to the dog. I hate people who want to ban pitbulls!

    • RFT

      You are an idiot! I am a pitbull owner as well and I would never in a million years blame the child for a dog attacking! It is the owners fault for not taking proper precautions and thinking their dog will not attack…Blaming a 4 year old…get real!

      • jim

        you're both idiots. these dogs were bred for over 100 years to KILL, thus the name Pit BULL, they were the bulls of the fighting pit. no amount of love can remove this killer instinct from that breed of dog. any pitbull can snap without notice and kill. they need to be banned completely.

  • Joe

    Clearly a misidentified dog. The American pitbull terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, and American staffordshire terrier weigh far less than 130 lbs. a dogo argentino weighs near that but most likely some dumbass claimed it was a “pitbull” even though most common people can’t tell the differance

    • Sarah

      There are pit bulls that are called XXL and XXXL pit bull. Those kind of dogs can and do get to 130lbs or more. I am not saying that this was one of those kind, it could have been a Dogo Argentino.
      Either way, it is a tragic thing that happened and I blame the parents for not supervising their child AND dog when they are around each other.

  • pet care

    This is so sad, you can really blame the dog since it does not have minds like us who think and also there could be a possibility that it was just defensive instinct I guess?

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