Judge Joe Brown Arrested In Memphis

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WGNO) – A well-known TV court judge will spend five days in jail after he lost control and started a near riot in a Memphis courtroom Monday.

WREG reports Judge Joe Brown, a Shelby County District Attorney General candidate, appeared at a Juvenile Court in Memphis to represent a client in a child support case.

But when a court worker told Brown they had no record of the case Brown became verbally abusive, a person inside the courtroom said.

Even after repeated warnings to calm down, Brown didn’t.

He was given two days in jail for contempt of court, but that was increased three more days when he once again started yelling as he was being removed.

WREG says Brown is being housed by himself for safety reasons.

Brown’s television show was cancelled last year and he is now running for Shelby County District Attorney.