Nun Delivering Food to the Homeless Gets Towed

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She was only trying to feed the hungry, when her delivery truck got towed.

Now the local Nun is asking for sensitivity training for the driver.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter spoke to Sister Beth Mouch about how it all happened.

“It was not blocking anything.”

Sister Beth Mouch nearly lost her religion when the truck she borrowed to drop off food for the homeless was

being towed.

“It was unnecessary, it was unbelievable and I didn’t understand why he had to do it.”

She had just hauled food donated from a Saint Joseph’s Day Alter, when she pulled up to the delivery entrance of the St. Jude Community Center.

Sister Mouch explains two of the truck’s wheels where on the street; the other two were on the side-walk.

It took several trips and volunteers to unload everything.

She returned to a tow truck and driver.

“He wasn’t even connected to the truck yet.”

Sister Mouch tried to explain the charitable work and begged for mercy.

“I said sir, please please stop a minute and I’ll move the truck. I’ll even pay the ticket if you want.”

But the driver wasn’t having it.

Instead she says he was angry and ugly.

“He said rules are rules. You can’t park on the sidewalk that’s it.”

“Rules are meant to be taken into consideration,” parishioner Ed Perkins said.

Ed Perkins is unhappy about the towing and the nearly $200 fee.

“Any other person who passes here and saw what was going on would probably stop and say can I help as opposed to trying to punish you for doing it,” Perkins says.

The spokeswoman for the City of New Orleans said, “In this instance, the vehicle was blocking a public right-of-way which is a violation of parking rules,” Garnesha Crawford.

“I just hope that the company or whoever is telling them to be cold as ice can ask them just be a little more sensitive,” Mouch said.

Sister Mouch thinks tow truck drivers should go to sensitivity training.

She says a Good Samaritan from New York City heard about what happened and has offered to repay the towing fee.

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  • john

    Many tow truck drivers are paid on commission. They will tow legally parked cars if they can get away with it to collect their fees.

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