Lessons Every Mother Needs to Teach Their Kids

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A picture posted on Facebook has gone viral — but that was its intended purpose.

On Tuesday, Kira Hudson’s mom posted the above picture to her Facebook page asking her friends to share it.

The picture shows a young girl holding a piece of paper that says “Mom is trying to show me how many people can see a picture once it’s on the internet.”

Later that day, the picture was re-posted to the page “Southern mama” and it gain internet fame.

As of earlier today the picture was shared 54,637 times, which obviously proves the point. A viral picture you may regret later can spread beyond your control pretty quickly.

But there was another lesson Kira’s mom didn’t see coming.

One commenter wrote:

“Mom’s right! I’m a mom too but I don’t know your mom and have never seen this page before today. I received this from a friend of a friend. In less than 10 minutes I was able to figure out your name, Mom’s name, where you go to high school, where you live, your aunt who lives one state away from, your aunt/uncle/cousins in a northern state, and your grandmother one state away but not the same state as your aunt, and one of your baby pics. Kinda scary huh? Mom might want to know I was able to get the daughters information because of the information found on this page together with Mom’s page. Might want to tighten up the privacy features.”

Another person responded with this…