Chalmette is the Place to be for Crawfish this Weekend

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Crawfish are making a huge comeback in Chalmette, at least for the weekend.

“It’s nice and spicy; not too hot,  good, very good.”

The Louisiana Crawfish Festival is back despite a harsh winter that has made mudbugs hard to find and very pricey.

“I find it high compared to last year!”

“I mean it’s pricey. It’s $12 a box, but it’s definitely worth it.”

Deborah Smith with the Arabi Food Store says, “We found that all seafood is very,  very expensive right now.  This year we did crawfish crab cakes,  crawfish kickers,  and yes, the crawfish was high, craziest is high, shrimp is up. It’s all expensive! “

Troy Martin with Martin Ventures says, “Well,  the weather is warming up a little bit so the crawfish are becoming more available.  They’re still a little bit pricey, but we got them.”

Despite the prices organizers and vendors say this is the time of year crawfish cravings take over.  It’s why many are willing to hand over the extra cash to satisfy the I taste buds.

“They taste great.  They’re a little bit lite coming out,  you know; wish we would have had them sooner,  but I’m going to make due with what we got.”

Organizer Cisco Gonzales with the Knights of Columbus says, “We’re equipped with as much as they want to buy, but if the weather is great we will definitely sell over 20,000lbs.”

Since the Louisiana Seafood Festival began in the 1970’s admission has always been free. This year organizers are charging.

“It’s a first and its just to offset expenses,” says Gonzales, “Our net is going way down, so we’re trying to offset a bit to help the charities we run throughout the year. “

Visit the Louisiana Crawfish Festival site for more info!