Captured Inmate Faces New Charges After 2 Day Chase

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Inmate Christopher Ricker faces a list of new charges now that he’s been captured.

Ricker led St. Tammany and Tangipahoa deputies on a two-day chase and was cornered Friday night.

The new charges include attempted murder.  Tangipahoa Parish sheriff Daniel Edwards says Ricker went after a deputy while driving his get-away car.

“We had an officer, I think coming up behind him and one coming up in front of him.  And both of my deputies say he intentionally turned his vehicle and hit a Tangipahoa Parish sheriff detective’s vehicle on purpose.”

At last word, Ricker was in a hospital recovering from wounds to his left arm from the trained police dog that cornered him Friday night according to Edwards.

Ricker will be returned to Tangipahoa Parish and booked there before being returned to St Tammany Parish where he left a work release program.