Heads or Tails? Coin Flip in Gretna Decides $4.4 Million City Contract

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For the first time ever, two companies bidding to refurbish the Gretna police headquarters, tied for the lowest possible bid at 4.4 million dollars.

F.H. Myers Construction Co. And Trimark Constructors agreed to legally settle the tie-breaker by the toss of a coin.

City leaders had one week to research the coin toss plan.

The renovated police station is to be named after legendary Gretna law enforcer Beauregard H. “Burry” Miller Sr., elected chief at age twenty six, then served fifty three years.

Chosen as the official coin-tosser is Miller, Sr.’s great-grandson, Ashton Miller Robinson.

“Legends to me. Hero’s,” says Robinson. “After he died my grandfather B.H. Miller Jr. Stepped down from the city council and was a shoe-in for chief.”

Chief Miller Jr. served more than twenty years.

Both participants gathered in the council chambers with Robinson holding the special coin reserved for the historic occasion.

The two company names are put in a police hat to see who gets to call heads or tails.

F.H. Meyers won the decision to call.

Robinson tosses the coin up.

The call is heads.

Heads it is.

Winner F.H. Meyers

“This is a first in our company’s history with this process,” says CEO Rachelle M. Albright.

Her construction company based out of Harahan boasts twenty six years building locally, “We built several facilities related to police stations and sheriff’s offices,” says Albright. “We’re glad to be the contractor who was selected, or I guess won this process.”

Gretna’s latest top lawman says democracy based on chance works “It was done in front of the media,” says Chief Arthur Lawson. “In front of the public, in front of everyone.”

Lawson says the timeline to get building is as soon as possible.

The new police headquarters will meet F.E.M.A regulations.

“Just glad I can come back here and do something to honor the memory of my grandfather and great grandfather,” says Robinson.

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