Winners & Losers

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A wise man once told me you either do thing first class or half-well, you know what.  He said there is no in-between.  I guess that same philosophy could be applied to winners and losers.  You’re either a winner or a loser and there is no in-between.

When I think of winners in this town, one needs to look no further than your New Orleans Saints.  The NFL’s free agency period began yesterday and the home town team struck early.  Former Buffalo safety Jairus Byrd agreed to terms with the Saints yesterday.  Sean Payton identified Byrd as a major target and got his man.  Payton is a winner.  Our state legislature could learn a lesson from the Saints and Payton.  The latest and greatest from Baton Rouge is proposed legislation that would make the official state book, the bible.  What evens makes people think like this?!?   How about the Koran or Dr Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham as the official state book.  Totally ridiculous.

Sean Payton and the Saints-winners.  They do things to make the team better.  Politicians pretending to be leaders-losers.  They do things that makes the state weaker.   It’s an easy equation.  Winners and losers.  And there is no in-between.