17-Month-Old Boy Poisoned: Mother Confesses to Injecting His Feeding Tube with Hand Sanitizer

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It’s an unimaginable story. In his 17-months of existence Lucas Ruiz battled health issues, but those did not claim his life. Instead Ruiz was poisoned at least twice. The baby didn’t recover from the latest incident.

Now his mother, 20-year-old Erika Wigstrom, is behind bars. She’s booked with first-degree murder. Plaquemines Parish deputies say she confessed to injecting hand sanitizer in his feeding tube in her Belle Chasse home. Lucas’ autopsy showed his blood-alcohol level was .28%, well over three times the legal limit for an adult.

Neighbor Trey Peter says, “Everybody just assumed she was a good mom and everything, but that’s just crazy.”

Neighbor Catherine Wiltz says, “It was hard for me to conceive my son, so knowing how hard it was for my husband and I, and her just so easily take his life, I guess it’s anger and animosity I have towards her versus sorrow.”

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Commander Eric Becnel says, “From what I gather from our detectives they basically say that she had no remorse on the death.”

Luca’s mother, Erika Wigstrom, also told deputies she poisoned her son in the hospital in October of 2012 as they waited for him to have surgery. At the time his father, Cesar Ruiz, confessed to pouring rum in his feeding tube. Now Wigstrom is saying she poured the rum, and also injected her son’s feeding tube with perfume.

Just days after Luca’s death, a Facebook video shows his mother standing next to the boy’s tiny coffin. Wigstrom is heard saying. “I have no more tears to shed because my kid is so cool God wanted him. I mean, if anybody is lucky it’s me for being his mom. I’m not going to cry.”

Cesar Ruiz is also behind bars. His case is pending out of Jefferson Parish.

Luca’s mother, Erika Wigstrom, was in court Wednesday. She’s being held without bond.

Lucas Ruiz died January 24th, but the toxicology reports were recently released to investigators. Wigstrom confessed to the crime and was booked on Tuesday, March 11th.


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