A New Way To Do Beignets

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“Morning Call” on Severn Avenue is making a move out of its 30 year home in Metairie.

Change doesn’t come often in the beignet world but New Orleans Coffee and Beignets are offering a new way do to beignets while honoring the time test favorite. The store recently opened on Veterans Blvd. in Metairie.

“We’re trying to take tradition and bring it into the now,”  Paul McGoey, Owner of New Orleans Coffee and Beignet Co. explains.  “The way beignets have been for 150 years in New Orleans. You get beignets covered in powdered sugar and café au lait.  I think today’s beignet customer wants a more refined experience.”

In order to keep beignets blooming in modern times New Orleans Coffee and Beignet Co. offers a full coffee experience along with some new editions.

“We created a chocolate beignet, we actually make chocolate dough. We also have beignet bites. So it’s smaller beignets. People who don’t want to have the three traditional beignets get a chance to share them and they’re a kind of like little beignet hors d’oeuvres,” McGoey said.

McGoey hopes these new ideas will offset what he see as a hard market.

“I think it’s more difficult for a traditional coffee and beignets place to make money. Coffee and beignets aren’t the most expensive products to produce. They don’t have the highest food cost, but the revenue to margin is still very small,” he said.