Politics and the Levee Board

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One of the benefits from hurricane Katrina was the semi-consolidation of the multiple levee boards that crisscrossed south Louisiana.  Another positive post-katrina move was taking politics and political appointments out of the levee board selection process.  Now, State Senator Robert Adley wants to change all that for the governor.  Adley represents Benton Louisiana, a north Louisiana town not far from Shreveport but very far from the levee districts his bill directly affects.  No one locally wants to be connected to this bill as far as authoring it, but will justify voting for it some way or another.

Getting the politics out of the levee board was one of the benefits post Katrina.  Instead of politicians appointing friends and relatives to the board, the new levee board became a non political entity.  This proposed legislation would essentially eliminate restrictions written to prevent politicians from determining who sits on that board.  The bill is designed to take power away from the levee board and give power to the governor.  It compromises the selection process and gives the governor greater control over a board that does not need to be political.  We made tremendous progress by depoliticizing the levees boards.  Let’s make sure we don’t go back.