Legislative Session

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The legislative session for our so-called lawmakers begins Monday or camp for a bunch of kids depending on how you look at it.  I’ll never forget my first experience at the Louisiana legislature.

It was the summer after my sophomore year at LSU when I went to work at the legislature as an intern.  Year two, I was a Sargent-at-arms on the Senate floor.  Year 3, I  was an assistant aide to a Senator.  I got to see a part of the legislature most have not seen.  And I guess I was a little naive.  I expected to see a group of leaders, educated moral men and women leading our state.  Instead it felt lile a a bunch of kids at summer camp.  Senators cheating on their wives with lobbyists.  Lobbyists taking Senators to fancy restaurants and getting drunk every night like it were a fraternity house.  A few senators seemed to be truly representing their constituents but most seemed to be there on some kind of power trip.  It wasn’t a very moral or ethical bunch.  At best, an average group of people with no set of special skills.  Kind of disappointing.

Maybe I was just a naive kid back in the late 80’s during those 3 spring and summer sessions in Baton Rouge but now as an adult I realize not much has changed.  Even the senate president, almost 30 years later, is the same guy it was back then, big John Alario, the king of patronage.  Monday, camp for adults, I mean the legislative session, gets underway.  Maybe the senate can actually do something this session for the citizens of this state instead of for themselves.  It’s gotta be more than just another chance at cheating on the wife and getting free food and booze from lobbyists.