Not Just a Tuesday

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Tomorrow is Tuesday.  Kind of a tough day of the week.  Not as bad as Monday but still days away from the weekend.  For most folks around the country and the world, tomorrow is just another Tuesday.  But not here.  Not in New Orleans.  Tomorrow is of course Mardi Gras day.  Arguably the biggest day of the year in New Orleans.

We’ve been gearing up for this day since early January at the least, and for some, since last year’s parades ended.  And tomorrow it’s finally here. It’s a holiday for most everyone in the metro area.  Tomorrow is Mardi Gras day, a day where’s many of us blow it out one more time before the 40 days of lent.  That’s the opposite of Mardi Gras.  That’s about sacrifice and paying respect.  Tomorrow is about indulgence for many before they’ll need 40 days for recovery.

While the rest of America drudges through yet another Tuesday, we look forward to ours.  Happy Mardi Gras.  Have fun.  Get a little crazy.  But also be careful.  Because we gotta do it all over again next year too.