100 Hours of Fun Has Begun

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It has begun.  The 100 hours of fun that take us into Mardi Gras day.  Tonight.  Tomorrow. Tomorrow night.  Sunday. Sunday night.  Not so much Monday-thank god, but definitely Monday night.  And of course all day Tuesday.

For some, the party won’t stop for 100 hours.  For some, the next 4 days and nights are that once-a-year-time where you can sleep, rest, and recover afterwards.  You know, during Lent.  Tomorrow parades go all day long and Endymion rolls tomorrow night through Mid-City.  Sunday has parades all day and Bacchus Sunday night in uptown.  And Harry Connick Jr a bunch of celebs form their own Super-Krewe, and take to the streets Monday night in Orpheus.  Then the worlds biggest free party takes place Tuesday.  It’s Mardi Gras weekend.  The 100 hours of fun has begun.  Enjoy it.