Get the Skinny: Shave Thousands of Calories From a Single Parade Day!

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Weeks of parades and party after party can leave us feeling exhausted, not to mention carrying unwanted poundage.  But with a bit of planning and a few key swap-outs, we can easily shave thousands of calories every day of Carnival season!

Instead of a 1,000+ calorie frozen daiquiri, shave 800-plus calories with:


Instead of fried chicken as-is, shave 200-plus calories per piece:

  • Simply by removing the skin.
  • Take off the skin and breading and you’ve got chicken that’s as lean as grilled skinless chicken.
  • The savings:  up to 300 calories, 15 grams of carbs, and 400 mg of sodium for a single chicken breast.


Instead of street vendor sausage dog, shave 400-plus calories by making your own:

  • Making the switch to chicken sausage
  • Using light wheat hot dog buns
  • Piling on the grilled veggies