Freeze Your Fat Off with Coolsculpting

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With King Cake everywhere it’s hard to think about dieting, but bikini season is just around the corner. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano shows us how to get rid of the bulge with no diet or exercise needed.

If you can pinch it, tug it, or grab it, this can freeze it off.

Patient Lisa Doss says, “It is not as if I was going to go have liposuction and go into full surgery. It is more subtle, but it is definitely real and there are definitely results.”

Real results with no needles, no downtime, no going under the knife is exactly what French Quarter resident Lisa Doss wants to battle her bulge.

At her office Metairie Plastic Surgeon Dr. Cynthia Mizgala literally freezes fat away. She says she was skeptical at first, but Coolsculpting really works.

“It’s an actual machine that would grab your fat; for women similar to a mammogram if you could imagine. There are different size applicators and it’ll basically grab your fat into the cooling machine and cool it to the point where the fat cells are crystallized and destroyed and then disposed of by the body after the treatment without affecting the skin,” explains Dr. Mizgala.

Coolsculpting is FDA cleared.

Once the applicator is connected it stays put for an hour as your fat crystallizes. Dr. Mizgala says you’ll lose 20 to 30% of fat in that one hour treatment, but it takes two to three months to see the full results.

“Our most popular areas would be the upper and lower abdomen, love handles and hips in men and women, chest tissue in men that have a little breast tissue growth, arms and inner thighs,” says Dr. Mizgala, “It’s like the answer to everyone’s dreams, you know, freeze your fat without the hard work of exercise or diet.”

While diet and exercise are not required Dr. Mizgala says you’ll see better results if you’re healthy. Right now the treatment only targets fat you can pinch. The small applicator costs $750, the larger one costs $ 1,500. Soon Dr. Mizgala says a new applicator will be available to target non-pinchable fat like your legs and your bottom.

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